The Beginning

As I sit here in the train station on the morning of my departure I can’t help but feel the enormity of what I’m about to undertake. For the last six months I have planned for this moment. I’ve researched and mapped out. I’ve packed and repacked. I’ve spent lots of money on tons of gear and I’m finally here. Though today is a travel day this is the first day of my adventure.  I don’t know where it’s going to take me, who I’m going to meet, what I’m going to see, or how I’m going to do it all, but it’s here.  Finally it’s here. 

I’m looking out of the train station window at an amazing sunrise and I realize this will be the last one I see in Richmond for a while.  There are clouds in the sky and it looks like there may be a storm to the north and east but it is a glorious morning.  The conductors are boarding the train and it’s almost time to leave but the closer it comes to departure the larger my smile becomes because this is real.  I’m actually about to start the adventure of a lifetime. Maine here I come!



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