I am so excited today! I am full of energy and happiness and motivation. The sun is shinning, and it is supposed to be above 60 for the next five days. The best part? Tuesday it’s supposed to be 72 and I’m off from work!  I feel as though I am making progress with my planning and that everything is moving forward smoothly. I know what gear I’m going to be taking with me and all that is left now is to acquire it. I still don’t know what clothes I’m going to wear but that’s ok because I’ll get it figured out soon enough. I am going to be making my Kickstarter campaign video tomorrow and will have the campaign launched by the 12th. 90 days. Thats all I have left before I leave. 90 days and then I am starting the hike of a lifetime. I’m starting a journey into the unknown. A journey that will take me places that I can only imagine. A journey that will change my life forever and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! I am so excited!  Tuesday I plan on driving out to Crabtree Falls and going for a hike. It’s this beautiful waterfall with an easy climb to the top that has breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. I’ve been there a few times, but a couple of miles before the falls the AT crosses the road. There is a little parking area for anyone that wants to do a short hike of the trail, and a map of the trails and shelters in the area. I’ve stopped and looked at the map but I have never set foot on the AT. Tuesday I’m going to. I’m filled with such joy and gratefulness at the good weather and the fact that I can finally spend some time outdoors without freezing to death. This year is so amazing and I’m so excited about all that is happening to me. I am truly blessed that I have the love and support that I do. My friends are all amazing people and I cherish 😉 the time that I have with them. My family, both biological and selected, is incredible and the support they give me makes everything I do possible. Without key people in my life I wouldn’t be able to do this hike, I wouldn’t be the woman I am, and I am so grateful, and so happy to have them in my life. I love you all so very much, you know who you are. Thank you for being you. How can I not be excited with the life and love that I have?!  


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